Microbial Theory of Cancer

Oncovirus, synonymously known as a 'tumour virus', is an endemic that may reason most cancers. An oncolytic virus basically infects the host's cancer cells and destroys them, inflicting tumour destruction, and is thus referred to as a 'most cancers killing virus'. The cancers bacteria are bacteria which are recognised or assumed to create cancers. While most cancers-related bacteria have been considered to be opportunistic (i.e., infecting wholesome tissues after cancer has already started itself), there is a few evidence that bacteria may be at once carcinogenic. Certain parasitic worms that infect the human body also can raise the chances of growing some sorts of cancer.

  • Oncovirus
  • Cancer Bacteria
  • Parasites that can lead to cancer
  • Mechanisms and pathways involved
  • Infections leading to cancers

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