Microbiology research and advancement

Rapid identification of microorganisms in the clinical microbiology can be of great value for selection of optimal patient management strategies for infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, mycobacteria, and parasites. Rapid identification of microorganisms in clinical samples enables expedient de-escalation from broad-spectrum agents to targeted antimicrobial therapy. They switch to tailored therapy of minimizing the risks of antibiotics, namely the disruption of normal flora, toxic side effects & selective pressure. There is an emergency need for new technologies in the clinical microbiology, particularly for blood stream infections, in which it is associated mortality is the highest of all infections. Just as importantly, there is a need for the clinical laboratory community to embrace the practices of evidence-based interventional laboratory medicine and collaborate in translational research projects to establish the clinical utility, cost benefit, and impact of new technologies.

  • Interaction with environment
  • Medical advancement
  • Drug and Health research
  • Global analysis of food safety products
  • Microbial Production of Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Biosurfactants.
  • Microbial biopesticides and antimicrobial products

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August 13-14 | 2018

7th Global Summit on Microbiology Research


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