Mining Geology

the earth takes place which forms the mineralized package of economic interest to the miner. Mineral exploration is the exploration and development are investigative activities prior to mining and it focuses on projects which search for concentrations of ore, or minerals, for mining purposes. A near accurate estimation on the volume of mineral deposits is very important because mineral exploration is a capital intensive operation.

Mineral exploration focuses on developments which search for concentrations of ore, or minerals, for mining purposes. Exploration and mining activities provide opportunities for employment, diversification of regional economies, and the development of regional services and infrastructure. Drilling is used to obtain very detailed information about rock types, mineral content, rock fabric and the relationships between rock layers close to the surface and at depth. Drilling is only used in areas that have been selected as targets from geological, geophysical and/or geochemical methods. 

  • Heavy minerals in exploration
  • Sequential exploration model
  • Onshore and offshore exploration
  • Mineral exploration and drilling
  • Mine planning and mineral processing
  • Hydrometallurgical process minerals
  • Mineral exploration and mining technologists

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