Mobile and Location-Based Media

Location based multimedia big data holds greatest potential for fundamentally changing how information is fast and effectively accessed and presented; how knowledge is sufficiently learned and extracted; and how business s practiced. With a huge volume of Internet based, mobile and sensor-generated multimedia data reaching to Exabyte scale, how to develop advanced data mining/information retrieval techniques and systems is becoming more and more important. Many believe location based multimedia search, indexing and retrieval offers the scholars from different disciplines a unique opportunity to design, implement and test methodical approaches and (or) intelligent systems at many different levels using many different ways. In addition to the underlying technologies mobile content delivery and streaming, media geo-tagging, multimedia security and forensics can be applied to a wide range of novel applications such as market intelligence, e-commerce and urban planning.

  • Mobile and location-based multimedia search, sharing, indexing, and retrieval
  • Mobile and location-based personalization, navigation, and recommendation systems
  • Mobile context-aware systems
  • Mobile interactive media editing, authoring, visualization, and browsing
  • Mobile interfaces for communication and social networking
  • Mobile content delivery and streaming; mobile augmented reality
  • Mobile tracking; media geo-tagging
  • Mobile and location-based computational photography
  • Mobile and location-based multimedia security and forensics
  • Mobile applications (including e-Health, assistive technologies, biometrics, entertainment, apps discovery, and gaming)

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