Molecular Enzymology

Molecular enzymology is the department of biochemistry that encompasses the useful and basic characteristics of the enzymes at molecular level. Enzymes are globular proteins which play an exceptionally critical part as a catalyst for a biochemical response. Thus, Molecular enzymology encompasses of different application in the pharm and biotechnological strategy and understanding the molecular structure through bioinformatics method. It thinks about making a difference in understanding and creating the enzymes as biomarkers. It also deals with planning and synthesis of chemicals and various enzymes where the neglected restorative needs are based on inventive sedate targets.  Furthermore, this field deals with the potential employments of the enzymes in the industry, for the environment and for human wellbeing are explored.


  • Bioinformatics
  • Biocatalysis
  • Enzyme Kinetics
  • Molecular Modelling
  • Bio-Molecular Engineering
  • Protein Engineering

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