Molecular Glycoscience and Monosaccharides

Glycoscience has become a vital, expanding and important extension of modern molecular biology and biomedicine in today’s era. The wider complexity of glycosylated and related structures is only paralleled to their utility. Discovering carbohydrate and glycan antigens as cancer biomarkers or even abnormal glycation pathways in metabolic disorders such as diabetes inhibited the importance of the expansion of glycoscience in a future, as a way of representing new biomarkers and therapeutic targets in disease. The final goal is to enhance research capabilities on glycosciences and provide ground to present and future emerging discoveries in glycosciences into new clinical applications and diagnostics.

  • Enzymology of saccharides
  • Glycobiotechnology
  • Glycogene expression
  • Glycans in metabolisms
  • Monosaccharides and their effect on blood sugar levels

Molecular Glycoscience and Monosaccharides Conference Speakers