Molecular Oncology

Molecular oncology is an interdisciplinary medical speciality at the interface of medicinal chemistry and oncology that refers to the investigation of the chemistry of cancer and tumors at the molecular scale along with the development and application of molecularly targeted therapies. Evolving molecular techniques used in the clinical laboratory are becoming increasingly important across nearly all fields of medicine.

In molecular oncology are identified genes that are involved in the development of cancer. The researches combine diverse techniques ranging from genomics, computational biology, tumor imaging, in vitro and in vivo functional models to study biological and clinical phenotypes. The proteins produced by these genes may serve as targets for novel chemotherapy drugs and other cancer treatments, or imaging scans. Scientists use a range of techniques to validate the role of the novel candidate genes in the development of cancer. The ultimate aim is to translate these findings into improved treatment options for cancer patients.

An increased understanding of carcinogenesis and the use of targeted cancer therapies has resulted in a demand for new types of molecular oncology test to help in cancer diagnosis and as tools to predict response to targeted therapeutics for cancer patients. Although many of these molecular testing techniques and strategies are relatively new to oncology, similar testing has been performed in the field of infectious diseases for many years and is now widely accepted and understood. Recognizing the parallels between the molecular testing that is now standard for infectious diseases and testing being introduced to aid in the care of cancer patients will accelerate the acceptance, implementation and correct utilization of molecular assays for oncology.

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  • Molecular targeted therapies
  • Cancer genetics, epigentics & genomic instability
  • In-vitro and in-vivo models to study biological and clinical phenotypes
  • Key biological process (cell cycle, DNA repair, Apoptosis, Invasion, metastasis, angiogenesis, lymph angiogenesis, cell signalling, immune response, & interactive networks)
  • Emerging technologies ( genomics, proteomics, functional genomics, metabolomics, tissue arrays) and model systems

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