Mucosal Vaccines Adjuvants

Mucosal immune responses are the first-line defensive mechanisms against a variety of infections. Consequently, immunizations of mucosal surfaces from which common of infectious agents make their entry, helps to protect the body against infections. Hence, vaccination of mucosal surfaces by using mucosal vaccines delivers the basis for generating protective immunity both in the mucosal and systemic immune compartments.Vaccines delivered through mucosal surfaces are increasingly studied because of their properties to effectively induce mucosal immune responses are cheap, easily administrable and suitable for mass vaccinations.

Mucosal vaccination, capable of inducing protective immune responses both in the mucosal and systemic immune compartments generally induction of immune responses following mucosal immunization requires the co-administration of appropriate adjuvants that can initiate and support the effective collaboration between innate and adaptive immunity.

  • Immune Mechanisms of Adjuvant Action
  • Selected Adjuvants and Immunostimulation
  • Mucosal Immunity versus Tolerance
  • Future Perspectives

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