Multimedia Health Computation and its Applications

Recent years have witnessed the revolutionary changes brought about by the development of multimedia technologies. These changes can advance many disciplines and industries, and health is no exception. The remarkable changes in healthcare also brought many research opportunities in a broad spectrum of application domains, such as health data quality assessment, cross-source learning for better lifestyles, personalized health with sensor data, and health data visualization.

Multimedia and virtual reality are useful for people with spein medical informatics, rehabilitation and assistive & preventive healthcare. Multimedia applications intended for use by medical doctors, nurses and other interested persons. It describes ways in which multimedia can assist in their work. These include the areas of diagnosis and the application to training. Matters that are important to patients are also dealt with. Some of these are how multimedia can help their rehabilitation.

  • Multimedia indexing and search for healthcare
  • Cloud-based multimedia applications and services for e-health
  • Visual analytics of skin diseases and interactive computation
  • Text-based and content-based medical image retrieval
  • Multimedia sensing data in healthcare
  • Mobile and augmented reality technology in healthcare
  • Multimedia delivery for healthcare
  • Human computer interaction for medicine and healthcare

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