Multimedia Networks

Integrated and interactive presentation of Images, speech, audio, video, graphics and text, has become a major theme in today’s information technology that merges the practices of communications, computing and information processing into interdisciplinary fields. The challenge of multimedia network is to provide services that integrate text, sound, image and video information and to do it in a way that preserves the case of use and interactivity. It deals with how the image/video transmits over wireless networks, Implementation of Multimedia Sensor Networks, Broadband Multimedia Satellite Systems, and Vehicular Networks.

Major industry developments over the past few years have brought audio, video, and data-enhanced, real-time communications out from the realm of highly specialized applications. Multimedia communications have become part of the standard set of functions supported by the corporate network infrastructure. About two years ago, the deployment issues surrounding multimedia conferencing technology. The modern view of multimedia networks has its roots in videoconferencing, communications, transmission and much more.

  • Digital Audio and Video Broadcasting
  • Multimedia in Digital Television
  • Multimedia Devices, Multimedia Security and Cryptography
  • Performance measurement and evaluation, QoS
  • Image/video transmission over wireless networks
  • Social Multimedia Networking
  • Network security pertaining to new multimedia applications and networks
  • Wireless Networks in transmitting Multimedia Information
  • Implementation of Multimedia Sensor Networks
  • Broadband Multimedia Satellite Systems
  • Next generation home networks with multimedia
  • Multimedia networking in IoT environment
  • Wireless multicast and streaming for multimedia service
  • High performance multimedia technologies and applications for IoT
  • Ad hoc and opportunistic Networks
  • Vehicular Networks and Mobile Agents for Multimedia
  • Multimedia communications

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