Multimedia Search and Retrieval

With the continuing explosion of multimedia information Multimedia Information Retrieval (MMIR or MIR) is a research discipline of computer science that aims at extracting semantic information from multimedia data sources like audio, image and video and indirectly perceivable sources such as text, bio signals. Multimedia expected Query types and Applications are Metadata-based quires, Annotation-based quires, Queries based on data patterns or features, Query by example. Text Document Information Retrieval (Google search)

  • Large-scale indexing
  • Novel representation for efficient retrieval
  • Multi-modality search
  • Multimedia search for social media data
  • Copy detection
  • Near-duplicate retrieval
  • Query intent analysis
  • Relevance feedback
  • Ranking and re-ranking
  • Search by example
  • Search based content understanding from massive multimedia data
  • Instance-based object matching and recognition
  • Creative user interfaces for multimedia search and retrieval

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