Multimedia Signal Processing

Multimedia Signal Processing is a comprehensive and accessible text to the theory and applications of digital signal processing (DSP). Multimedia conference deals with multimedia signal processing which inlcudes video processing, image/video compression Biometrics, Pattern Recognition, Speech/audio recognition and processing. Generally Multimedia signal processing is used in developing algorithms and techniques for representation, dissemination, processing, understanding, storage, and retrieval of multimedia data.

Multimedia signal processing address the several facts of the analysis and processing of multimedia data i.e. focused on video, audio and images, combining advanced processing techniques with an comprehensive knowledge of modern coding standards.  The major research can be summarized in audiovisual content analysis for information extraction, efficient graphical processing units, and multimedia data protection. Processing in mobile devices plays a compelling role in most cases. Application fields ranging from scene analysis and video-surveillance to authentication of multimedia contents, privacy-preserving data processing, and social TV.


  • Biometrics
  • Image/Video Compression and Segmentation
  • Multidimensional Signal Processing and Multimodal Signal Processing
  • Speech/audio recognition and processing
  • Multimedia signal processing for vision
  • Pattern Recognition

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