Multiple Gestations (twins and more)

Multiple births such are much more common today than they were in the past. There are many multiple births today in part because more women are taking infertility treatment, which carries a risk of multiple pregnancies. However, according to current research Guidelines Number of Embryos are Transferred, and the number of treatment-related pregnancies with triplets or more has decreased dramatically. And also, most of the women’s are waiting until later in life to attempt pregnancy, and older women are more likely than younger women to get pregnant with multiples, especially with fertility treatment. Although major medical advances have improved the advanced techniques of multiple births, and associated significant medical risks and complications of the mother and children.

·         The “Vanishing Twin Syndrome”

·         Number of Embryos to Transfer

·         Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction and natural factors

·         Multiple Gestations and Assisted Reproductive Technology

·         Multiple Gestation and Adverse out comes

·         Newborn Multiples and Risks Linked With Twin Births

·         Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome

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