Music, Speech and Audio Processing in Multimedia

Speech is inarguably the most preferred and natural way of communication for humans. Speech is transmitted from a speaker to a listener in the form of an acoustic signal. The signal carries abundant information, including the linguistic content, the speaker’s voice characteristic, health and emotional conditions, and the ambient environment. Speech signals have many distinctive features that are not found in other signals from the natural world. Musical signal processing has a wide range of applications including; digital compression and coding of music for efficient storage and transmission on mobile phones and portable music players, modeling and reproduction of the acoustics of music instruments and music halls, digital music synthesizers, digital audio editors, digital audio mixers, spatial temporal sound effects for home entertainment and cinemas, music content classification and indexing and music search engines for Internet

  • Multimodal approaches to audio indexing, search, and retrieval
  • Multimodal approaches to audio analysis and synthesis
  • Multimodal and multimedia context models for music, speech, and audio
  • Computational approaches to music, speech, and audio inspired by other domains
  • Multimedia localization using acoustic information
  • Social data, user models and personalization in music, speech, and audio
  • Music, audio, and aural aspects in multimedia user interfaces
  • Multimedia and/or interactive musical instruments and systems
  • Multimedia applications around music, speech and audio
  • Music, speech, and audio coding, transmission, and storage for multimedia applications

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