Nano Biotechnology and Viro-Therapy

Viruses have always been used in nanobiotechnology as a vector, which is used to introduce genes/ plasmid into the host cells in recombination and a modified virus is typically a carrier in gene therapy that are capable of delivering therapeutic genes to the target cells. Presently, the viral-nano biotechnology is developing at such a fast pace that these viruses are now considered a organic nanoparticle, primarily because their surface tools are capable of crossing the barriers of the host cells. These impressive and massive approaches life-sciences in association with chemistry, physics and engineering have become the foundation of modern bio-physical medicine and opening a wide spectrum of approaches in all these pure and applied fields.

  • Nanotechnology in Viral infections
  • Regulation of Nano biotechnology
  • Limitations of viro-nanobiotechnology
  • Nano-bioviruses as weapons

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