Nano Engineering

Nano engineering is the application protraction of Nanotechnology. It high spots the engineering rather than the pure science aspects. Nanotechnology Engineering is an engineering field, which draws from and its beneficial areas include engineering, materials science and chemistry, biology, medicine and physics. Nanotechnology is the key cause for a variety of revolutionary and evolutionary changes in the medical field. It program examines problems at the interface of engineering, biology, and nanotechnology, by applying  the principles of mechanical engineering to increase opportunities for new science and engineering breakthroughs. We follow experimental and computational strategies to know the physical principles specific to biological phenomena by integrating the engineering fields like fluid flow, dynamics and heat transfer with the scientific fields like biology and chemistry


  • 10-1. Computational nanotechnology
  • 10-2. Microbial bio nanotechnology
  • 10-3. Nano scale technologies in biological systems
  • 10-4. Nano scale structural biology using advanced particle beam microscopy
  • 10-5. Nano scale devices for biological applications
  • 10-6. Stem cell nano engineering

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