Nano Medicine and Nanotechnology

Nanomedicine is the interdisciplinary field of science, helpful utilization of a Nanotechnology, which fuses diagnosing, treating and hindering ailment and loathsome harm, moderating torment and sparing and upgrading human prosperity using nuclear instruments and sub-nuclear learning of the human body. It deals with the structure running from 1nm to 100nm. It has a broad assortment of utilization in restorative fields like drug movement, Cancer treatment, Imaging, Sensing, Blood refinement, Tissue structuring, and Medical contraptions.

  • Progressed Nanomaterial
  • Nanotechnology applications
  • Nanomaterials well-being and guidelines
  • Nanomaterials Characterization and Synthesis
  • Nanodevices and Systems
  • Biomedical Nanomaterial

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