Nanomaterials- Challenges and Opportunity

It is usually acknowledged that Nanotechnology offers very favourable possibilities. It will, as a horizontal or qualifying form of technology, enter all industrial sectors in the medium term. Nanotechnology offers an huge potential for innovation and development. In addition to this, nanotechnology also has an huge potential to improve the environment through green chemicals and the sustainable use of resources. How we use the existing natural resources has an effect on our health and the environment. In addition to the questions about risks and protection of nanomaterials, the feature of green nanotechnology needs to be promoted. Technological development is a key function in terms of the advancement of an efficient use of resources; nanotechnology offers multiple possibilities in this field. It can also have positive special effects on workplace safety and health protection.

  • Synthetic Nanomaterials
  • Green Gold
  • Water Treatment
  • Batteries
  • Insulation
  • Nanocatalysis
  • Nanochemistry

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