Nanophotonics and plasmonics

Nanophotonics and plasmonics is the study of light at the nanometre-scale. Light can only be focused to a spot roughly half its wavelength in size (a few hundred nanometers for visible light). This limit can be surpassed by coupling light to electrons at the surface of a metal and creating surface plasmons. Plasmons in sub-nm cavities can enable chemical processes within plasmonic hotspots. Here the authors use surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy to track hot-electron-induced chemical reduction processes in aromatic molecules, thus enabling observation of redox processes at the single-molecule level.

  • Nanophotonics plasmons and Plasmon-Polaritons
  • science of plasmonics
  • Excitation Surface-Plasmon Polaritons with Light
  • Surface-Plasmon is Excited at the Metal/Air Interface
  • Dependence on Film Thickness
  • Current Use of the Surface Plasmon Resonance Technique

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