Nanopolymers and modern day application

Nanopolymers possessing variety of structures, shapes and functional forms have recently been synthesized using several techniques. Nanopolymers are the most advantageous materials that are building blocks for mounting complex and simple hierarchical nanosystems. Nanopolymers have a broad range of application it is a fast emerging trend in polymer technology. Nanopolymers are currently being developed to find interesting applications in life sciences. Organizations and government entities are investing massive amounts in nanotech R&D. life science technology innovators across the globe are delivering new products and technologies. Nanotubes are being developed to decrease failures of dental implants which occurs due to infection or dislodging from the surrounding bone. By utilizing Titanium nanotubes loaded with anti-inflammatory and antibiotic agents it was discovered that bone cells grew more vigorously around the implants and the implants had reduced chances rejection and infection. Nanopolymers such as polymeric micelles can be used as coating materials for tissue engineering scaffolds. It has been discovered that such drug-loaded micellar shells can provide controlled drug release and therefore, predicted and measured release can be achieved from nanoscaffolds for drugs, genes or proteins adding advantages to preventing infection or stepping up tissue and organ regeneration. Nanopolymers are also applicable in automotive industries in producing car components like coatings made up of water-repelling polymer nanocomposites or quartz nanoparticles, which enables it to remain clean and protect against scratches and chips and reduce corrosion without any change in appearance of the paint underneath. Similarly, there are numerous applications for nanopolymers and nanotechnology in a wide spectrum of industrial sectors.


  • Tissue engineering scaffolding
  • Nano polymer in life science application
  • Nano sensors
  • Nano sensors
  • Advanced material in automotive and building sector
  • Nanocoatings

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