Nanoproducts Marketing

Nanotechnology is a rapid growing technology with potential applications in many sectors of global economy such as healthcare, electronics, cosmetics, energy and agriculture among others. The technology is revolutionizing every industry while tremendously attracting worldwide attention. Healthcare industry is one of the largest sectors where nanotechnology has made major breakthrough with its application for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases like cancer, heart attack etc. It is expected that global nanotechnology market will grow at a CGRA of around 17% during the forecasted period of 2017-2024.

  • Nanotechnology and medicine marketing
  • Nanocomposite marketing
  • Nanoceramic marketing
  • Nanotechnology and Polymers marketing
  • Nanoelectronic marketing
  • Nano-computational marketing
  • Military Nanotechnology Marketing
  • Future investment in nanotechnology

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