Nanorobotics is a technology for creating automatic machines, respondent devices, and robots at the atomic scale of 10-9 nm. The field of nanorobotics studies the design, manufacturing, programming, and control of the nano-scale robots. At present nanorobotics has emerging applications in the field of medicine and technology. In medicine Science, nanorobotics is highly used in the field of Cancer treatment, microbiology, drug delivery, medical imaging, Dentistry, Neurosurgery etc. Nanorobotics is also highly utilized in creating new nanosize electronic devices like Biochip, Supercapacitor, transistors and even in 3-D Printing and lithography. Nanomachines are largely in the research and development phase.

  • Industrial Nanorobots
  • Swarm Robotics
  • Nanorobotics and Medicine Science
  • Heart surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Diagnostic and treatment of Diabetes
  • Biochip
  • Toxicity detector
  • Design and control of nanorobots

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