Nanorobotics and Nanomedicine

Nanomedicine will be based on the ability to build Nanorobots. In the future these Nanorobots could actually be programmed to repair specific diseased cells, functioning in a similar way to antibodies in our natural healing processes. The motivation for the new manipulation technology is the desire to enter the micro- and Nanoworld not only by viewing but also acting, altering micro- and nanosized objects. A new era on medicine are expected to happen in the coming years. Due to the advances in the field of Nanotechnology, Nanodevice manufacturing has been growing gradually. The elimination of bacterial infections in a patient within minutes, instead of using treatment with antibiotics over a period of weeks.

  • Nanorobots and nanomedicine - future of bioengineering
  • Nanorobotic applications in medicine
  • Nanorobot applications designs and scaling studies

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