Nanosponge is a novel and emerging technology which play a vital role in targeting drug delivery in a controlled manner. These tiny sponges can circulate around the body until they encounter the specific target and stick on the surface and begin to release the drug. As compared to other nanoparticles, nanosponges are porous, non-toxic and stable at high temperatures up to 3000C.
Nanosponges are a new class of materials and made of microscopic particles with few nanometres wide cavities in which a large variety of substances can be encapsulated.
Nanosponges are tiny sponges with a size of about a virus (250nm-1µm), which consists of cavities that can be filled with a wide variety of drugs.

  • Nanosponges in Oral Drug delivery
  • Nanosponges in cancer treatment
  • Nanosponges helps in release of enzymes, proteins, vaccines and antibodies.
  • Red Blood Cell Nanosponges – To combat and prevent MRSA infections.
  • Cyclodextrin Based Nanosponge

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