Nanotechnology for Energy Application

Today Concept of Nanotechnology is highly being utilized to improve the efficiency of energy generation or develop new methods to generate energy. Nanotechnology is used for the development of both Conventional and renewable source of energy and for optimization of energy production technology. Nanofabrication has developed new ways to capture, store, and transfer energy. Nanotechnology has been used to improve the efficiencies of established photovoltaic technologies such as the development in the thin layer solar cell, dye solar cell, and polymer solar cell. Nanotechnology has highly increased the efficiency of fuel cell technology improving the efficiency of Membrane used in it. Still, research to increase the efficiency of the fuel cell and decrease the risk of using basically hydrogen energy fuel cell so that it can be used domestically and in vehicles is going on

  • Ultracapacitor
  • Thermoelectric Nanowires and Nano Solar Cells
  • Organic Solar cells
  • Hydrogen Production by nanotechnology
  • Generating electricity from waste heat
  • Nanotechnology for increasing the efficiency of energy production
  • Nanomaterials for energy conversion
  • Nanotechnology and Batteries Technology
  • Fuel cell and Nanotechnology
  • Nanostructured Membrane for Water treatment
  • Polymeric nanoadsorbents

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