Nanotechnology In HIV Treatment

Nanotechnology involves the synthesis and manipulation of materials or systems where at least one dimension is in the nanometer range i.e., in the order of billionths (10−9) of a meter. Particles in this size range have distinctive physicochemical properties, which are distinct from those of bulk materials or single atoms or molecules. When nanosized particles come into contact with living systems, the nature of the interaction is critically influenced by these physicochemical properties. Drugs invented at the appropriate nanoscale dimensions may therefore have certain physicochemical and biological properties that in turn confer pharmacological advantages when compared to conventional agents. Research in nanotechnology may translate into benefits for HIV infected patients, particularly if the challenges associated with HIV and its treatment are addressed.

  • Nanoparticles
  • Antiretroviral therapy and Future Developments
  • Gene therapy
  • Antiretroviral Nanomedicines
  • Potential applications

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