Nanotechnology Safety

Nanotechnology is a powerful tool for combating cancer and is being put to use in other applications that may reduce pollution, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and help prevent diseases. NCI's Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer is working to ensure that nanotechnologies for cancer applications are developed responsibly.  As with any new technology, the safety of nanotechnology is continuously being tested. The small size, high reactivity, and unique tensile and magnetic properties of nanomaterials—the same properties that drive interest in their biomedical and industrial applications—have raised concerns about implications for the environment, health, and safety (EHS).

  • Health implications of nanoparticles
  • Engineering Controls
  • Local exhaust ventilation (LEV)
  • Chemical fume hood (CFH)
  • Filtration
  • Managing the Health and Safety Concerns Associated with Engineered Nanomaterials
  • Potential Health Concerns

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