Natural and Safer Approaches to Skin and Hair Care

Herbology provides a safe, natural and organic approach to skin and hair care. Organic skin care products are available for face, body and hair and they reduce exposure to toxins and minimizes their potentially harmful effects on people, animals, waterways and the environment. Herbal products contain properties which are essential for nourishing dry skin, balancing oily skin, caring for the soft sensitive skin of babies and healing many skin and scalp problems.

Our skin plays a major role by forming a barrier between the inside and outside of our body. It radiates our health and indicates when we are stressed or tired. If we nourish our skin daily it will optimize our health, aid in preventing skin damage and monitor the ageing process. 

  • Herbology
  • Ayurvedic concepts of beauty, aging and hair care
  • Chemical free beauty: Alternatives for cosmetics
  • Panchakarma and rejuvenating therapies
  • Oil formulations for hair care
  • Routine practices for healthy skin and hair
  • Aromatherapy
  • Organic skin care products

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Natural and Safer Approaches to Skin and Hair Care Conference Speakers