Natural products and Pharmaceutical Drugs

Natural products are the secondary metabolites that have been the most successful source for potential drug discovery. Natural products are well known for their medicinal uses. Plants that have evolved and adapted millions of years produces variety of secretions and various agents in them to withstand bacteria, insects, fungi and weather, these secretions are secondary metabolites. Their ethno pharmacological properties have been used as a primary source of medicines for early drug discovery. The other aspect, Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing and dispensing drugs. It is the health profession which connects health sciences with chemical sciences which ensure safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs. The scope of pharmacy practice includes more traditional roles such as compounding and dispensing medications, and it also includes more modern services related to health care, including clinical services, reviewing medications for safety and efficacy, and providing drug information


  • Traditional medicine & Metabolites
  • Modern natural product-derived drugs
  • Foundations of organic and natural product chemistry
  • Biosynthesis
  • Drugs – Action and Behavior
  • Antibiotics

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