Natural resources

The unprocessed materials that which are supplied by the nature or by the earth to meet our basic and other needs were referred to be as natural resources they are available in both biotic and abiotic forms. With the advancement of technology and civilization now it is possible to harness energy of different kinds so natural resources are the materials that can be utilized for the human growth and development but overuse of it leads to destruction and catastrophic effects so the conservation leads to a sustainable use. Now days due to the ability of human being to domesticate animals for their products and ability to grow out products from nature causes undesirable changes in the environment and in the ability and purity of the natural resources the greed of mankind has changed the availability of natural resources and put it to the threat of extinction

  • Energy and Electricity
  • Forest
  • Extractive Industries
  • Renewable and Non- Renewable Resources
  • Potential Resources
  • Stock and Reserve Resources

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