Neonatal Hepatitis

Neonatal hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver which happens in babies usually in the range of 1 or 2 months after the birth. Viruses which causes neonatal hepatitis in infants is rubella (measles), cytomegalovirus, and hepatitis A, B and C, Infant with neonatal hepatitis suffer with jaundice (yellow skin and eyes)

Neonatal hepatitis occurs in early earliest stages of infancy, in 1 or 2 months after the birth. Around 20% infants with neonatal hepatitis are infected by a virus which causes inflammation before birth by their mom or not long after birth. The biopsy will frequently demonstrate that four or five liver cells are joined into an extensive cell that still functions, but not as normal liver cell. This sort of neonatal hepatitis is now and again called monster cell hepatitis. The side effects of neonatal hepatitis are like another newborn child liver ailment, biliary atresia, in which the bile conduits are wrecked for reasons that are not comprehended. The newborn child with biliary atresia is likewise embittered and has an amplified liver, yet is developing admirably and does not have an expanded spleen

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