Neonatal Rheumatology

Rheumatology in babies incorporates muscle and joint shortcoming, adolescent lupus, skin rashes on eyelids and knuckles and so on. Rheumatoid arteritis is an insusceptible framework issue.Regular Rheumatic issue are general lupus erythroderma, Polymyalgia Rheumatic, Behcet's disorder, powerful disease. Lupus erythroderma may be a name given to a gathering of response sicknesses inside which the human framework winds up dynamic and assaults strong tissues. Pediatric rheumatology is firmly connected with the field of immunology, and the rheumatic afflictions normally referred as "Immune system framework" issue.


  • Neonatal and Pediatric Arthritis
  • Neonatal Osteoarthritis
  • Soft tissue rheumatic disorders
  • Autoinflammatory Diseases
  • Neonatal Chronic Pain and Relief

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