Neonatal Surgery & Complications

Neonatal surgery is recognized as an independent discipline in general surgery, and requiring the expertise of pediatric surgeons to optimizing outcomes in infants with surgical conditions. Survival neonatal surgery has improved dramatically in the past 65 years. Improvements in Survival pediatric surgical outcomes are in part attributable to improved understanding of neonatal physiology, specialized pediatric anesthesia, neonatal critical care including sophisticated cardiopulmonary support, utilization of adjustments in fluid management, parenteral nutrition, refinement of surgical technique, and advances in surgical technology including minimally invasive options.

·         Epidural analgesia for major neonatal surgery

·         Complications in head and neck surgery

·         Complications in pediatric enteral and vascular access

·         Early mortality after neonatal surgery

·         Parents’ experiences of neonatal surgery

·         Factors associated with neonatal ostomy complications


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