Neurocosmetics are nothing new. The first time this term appeared officially was in 2007 at the Annual Meeting of the North American Society of Cosmetic Chemists. A neurocosmetic is a product whose active ingredients target the nerve endings of the skin, which are sensitive to heat, cold, pain, pruritus, and pressure. Since then, a number of active ingredients, such as synthetic biomimetic peptides that are capable of performing neuro-modulatory actions, have been developed. The combination between well-being and the sensations aroused by neurocosmetics attracts consumers who are looking to balance out their hectic day-to-day lives. The sensation of well-being may also be sought by those consumers who are sensitive to certain components in the formula and seek alternatives that do not cause skin irritation or inflammation. According to Cosmetics Design, neurocosmetics tend to be found more easily in the class of anti-aging products, which are capable of producing a noticeable feeling of a smoother, more radiant, healthier, and less wrinkled skin

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