Neuroimmunological Disorders

Neuroimmunological issue alludes where the safe framework influences the sensory system and the assurance requires point by point clinical evaluation and reasonably centered around systematic testing, for instance, neurophysiologic testing, neuroimaging, blood tests and all over cerebrospinal liquid examination. Treatment as a general rule centers around the abnormal invulnerable response, direct watching out for the perplexity, or can be composed at encouraging reactions. Our multidisciplinary gathering of therapeutic authorities works with patients and families, and offers referrals to additional tests and organizations as required.


  • Neuroimmunology of Schizophrenia
  • Understanding Stress and Immune Function
  • Communication Between the Brain and Immune System
  • Neuroendocrine and Immune System
  • Connections between Glucocorticoids and Immune System
  • Corticotropin Releasing Hormone (CRH)

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