Neurophysiology, Neuroimaging and Radiology

What seems astonishing is that engineering techniques like brain  engineering, or Neural engineering can be used to understand, repair, replace, enhance, or otherwise exploit the properties of neural systems  and Neuro computing is the study of brain function in terms of the  information processing properties of the structures that make up the nervous system. current researches in the field of neuroengineering include: Neural imaging and neural networking, Biomolecular therapies in neural regeneration,  Neurorobotics, Biological neural networking, Neuro hydrodynamics and clinical treatment, Engineering strategies for repair, Computational clinical neuroscience, biological-neuronmodelling, Behaviour of networks and  advanced therapies. People will also be enlightened on Advancements in brain computer interface and deep brain stimulation.

  • Current research in neuroimaging
  • Biomarkers in Neuroimaging
  • Neurobiotics
  • Biomolecular therapies in Neural regeneration

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