Neurorehabilitation Medicine

The Neuro-Rehabilitation Program provides comprehensive outpatient treatment services for people with acquired brain injury as a result of such conditions as traumatic brain injury, stroke, tumor and multiple sclerosis. The interdisciplinary team focuses on improving independence in the home and the ability to return to more productive activity, such as work or school.

This session includes Pharmacology in Neurorehabilitation, New perspectives for personalized medicine, Clinical pathways in neurorehabilitation and Medication management


Treatment addresses cognitive, physical and emotional/behavioral changes related to brain injury through individual and, in some cases, group formats. Patient and family involvement in setting treatment goals is emphasized and treatment progress is monitored closely by the entire care team.

  • Pharmacology in Neurorehabilitation
  • New perspectives for personalized medicine
  • Clinical pathways in Neurorehabilitation
  • Medication management
  • Orthotics
  • 3D arms and limbs technology

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