New frontiers in Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering is considered as a relatively new among other engineering disciplines. Due to the need for a specialized petroleum engineering science, its pillars were set by mining engineers, geologists, mechanical engineers, civil engineers and many other contributors. The boundaries of petroleum engineering are well defined in the first quarter of the twentieth century. In 1915, specialized petroleum engineering programs were established in the United States universities followed by other universities worldwide. From that time petroleum engineering science was rapidly growing and evolving to provide the humanity with the power source for the modern technology.

As demand for oil and its derivatives is increasing, education, research, and technology are also rapidly developing to drive the oil and gas sector forward by developing new technical solutions, standards and industry best practices. Currently, several efficient technologies are being utilized in the oil industry such as:

  • Smart wells and smart oilfields
  • Maximum reservoir contact completion (MRC)
  • Nano fluids (drilling, completion, fracturing, IOR, etc.)
  • Geosteering drilling
  • Real-time drilling monitoring
  • Real-time data services
  • Digital field data and software

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