New insights in segmental vitiligo

Segmental vitiligo, a subtype of vitiligo, is characterized by its early onset, rapid stabilization and unilateral distribution. The reported prevalence of segmental vitiligo ranges from 3·5% to 20·5% of all patients with vitiligo. In generalized vitiligo there is accumulating evidence for an autoimmune response against melanocyte self-antigens. Associated autoimmune diseases in patients with segmental vitiligo and their family members are reported less frequently than in generalized vitiligo. An associated autoimmune disease was seen in 8% of all patients with unilateral isolated segmental vitiligo.

  • neuronal mechanism
  • somatic mosaicism
  • microvascular skin homing
  • segmental vitiligo pathways
  • Stem cells in dermatology
  • Bathing & Vernix

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