New strategy for STDs prevention and control

To prevent obtaining a sexually transmitted illness, or STD, continually avoid sex with anyone WHO has sex organ sores, a rash, discharge, or alternative symptoms. Solely the sole time unprotected sex is safe is that if you and your partner have it off only with one another, and if it has been a minimum of six months since you every tested negative for STDs. Otherwise you should:

Use latex condoms on every occasion you've got sex. If you utilize stuff, make certain it's water-based. Use condoms for the whole coitus. Condoms aren't 100 per cent effective at preventing illness or physiological state. However, they're extraordinarily effective if used properly. Learn the way to use condoms properly.

Avoid sharing towels or undergarment.

Wash before and when intercourse.

Get a vaccination for hepatitis B. this is often a series of 3 shots.

Get tested for HIV.

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