New Trends and Technologies for RESS

Scientists all over the globe are working to develop sustainable new energy sources to reduce our dependence on dwindling fossil fuel supplies. There are several start-ups developing other ground-breaking technologies for generating electricity and conserving nature. This track enables us to discuss global trends in renewable energy investment and business opportunities. It includes alternate energy facts, wind energy facts and energy facts in general which would aid in development of a sustainable future and provide green energy solutions. We have become all too aware of the compelling and pressing need to achieve a stable supply of energy while at the same time protect the environment. The following areas are taken into consideration for focusing on focusing utilization of natural resources: Expansion and utilization of renewable energy, smartly controlled distributed power sources that make up smart grids, eco-cars like EVs (electric vehicles) for conservation of fossil fuels and reducing the overall human impact on environment.
  • New Approaches in Lighting
  • Green Energy Management and Control
  • Alternate Energy Information Technology
  • Reliability in RESS

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