New Trends in Food & Beverage Industry

The most employed preservation technologies have a long history of use, there is currently a real need for improved techniques, to meet the developing needs of consumers. Some improvements are being derived from the use of established techniques in new combinations or under improved control and other improvements are being derived essentially from the development of new techniques. It is expected that these will expand as experience in the new techniques is gained. A particular attraction of the newer techniques is that they act by inactivation rather than by inhibition. With regard to reducing the incidence of food poisoning disease, the introduction of effective inactivation techniques that lead to the elimination of the pathogens must be the ultimate target of primary food producers, food processors, distributors, and retailers.

Food preservation and packaging processes are key to ensuring the safety of the product. Manufacturers have to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in packaging or risk compromising the quality of their product and well-being of the consumer.

  • Food preservation: functional and nutraceutical properties
  • Osmotic dehydration
  • Ozone in food preservation
  • Bacteriocins: recent advances & opportunities
  • Application of botanicals,tropical medicinal plants & essential oils as natural preservatives in food
  • Combination & assorted methods
  • Role of predictive microbiology in food preservation

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