Novel Approaches to Cancer Therapeutics

The field of Radiology has rapidly enhanced with few many features:

(a) The use of lead aprons certain drugs, improved patient positioning can reduce the radiation exposure during scanning.

(b) Ultrasound, this latest remote viewing systems not only monitor pregnancy but also used for echocardiograms, bone sonometry, and abdominal imaging. This latest systems can detect breast cancer as well as prostate cancer, liver, kidney, pancreatic & bladder.

(c) PET Scans, combined with CT to detect cancer much earlier with a broad clearer image which provides more information regarding patient rather than traditional scan.

(d) In the latest CT Angiography, the process is much faster, safer & less expensive. In new CT angiogram, the process take 10-25 minutes without all the risk. It can be used for arteries in the lungs, kidneys, arms and legs.

(e) Digital  Mammography has proven most effective in case of breast cancer diagnosis. A study has proven that digital mammogram are more accurate in detecting breast cancer in women aging under 50, premenopausal women.


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