Novel Developments of Probiotics

Recent studies exhibits probiotics will play an important role in future and will provide benefits that it will ultimately bring a major change in the structure of world population providing opportunity to health decision makers have an opportunity to make important strides in the area of probiotic research. Further, a robust pipeline of strain specific benefits that probiotics accrue at a local level is needed to ensure that they are safely, swiftly and successfully delivered to everyone who needs them.

  • GMO Probiotics
  • Probiotics for infections in veterans
  • Probiotic bacteria cryoprotection
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-biofilm activity
  • Novel functional meat products designing
  • Eukaryotic probiotic cell culture model
  • Probiotic mixture and seasonal allergies
  • Plant microbiota study techniques
  • Models for studying gut-microbe interactions
  • Fermented soymilk product with probiotic properties

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