Novel Foods, Processes and Nanomaterials

Food Nano technology is defined as the ability to control and restructure matter at the atomics or molecular levels, allowing the manipulation of dissimilar properties and phenomena at those scales to create new functionalities, leading to new properties and new devices that might make food manufacturing more economical and efficient. The world human population reached 7.3 billion in the year 2015 and continues to grow. This leads to several important global challenges with respect to availability manufacturability, preservation, safety sustainability vulnerability and wholesomeness of foods. The use of Nano encapsulation nanotubes Nano emulsions, Nano particles and Nano sensors enables food scientists to successfully deliver nutrients and nutraceuticals and detect pathogens and contaminants in a more efficient way to develop miniaturized analytical tools for various application’s and developimaging tools to character structure and chemistry.

For a food to be considered ‘novel’, i.e. something not used before, clearly the use of a date is the simplest way to define these foods from those that are not novel, i.e. have been used in the diet before.

  • Predictive microbiology
  • Novel food and food ingredient case studies
  • Introduction of nanotechnology into the food industry, risks and benefits

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