Novel Therapeutic Approaches

The disputes related to antiretroviral drug therapy has been surmounted by adapting the various novel drug delivery methods, which pays pathway for many scientists to prove the efficiency of their techniques. Even though there are certain successful technologies emerging under this field, the progression of vesicular systems like liposomes and Nano sized systems like nanoparticles exhibits superior attention and significance over the other schemes. The formulation design and optimization of analytical techniques requires multidisciplinary research for ultimate marketing of these NDDS products especially for ARV drugs, because of the intricacy of the viral infections. 


The present techniques with new therapeutic agents and scheduled regimens can provide notice able improvement in the future of HIV infected people’s living.

  • Retroviral Approaches to Gene Therapy of Cystic Fibrosis
  • Retroviral Gene Therapy in Vaccine Development
  • Human Retroviral Research
  • Advances in Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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