Novel Vaccines Against Infectious Diseases

Vaccines that protect people against viral diseases like HIV/AIDS, cervical cancer and other infectious diseases like hepatitis are the novel vaccines. This is a delicate balancing act: If the response of the immune system to the vaccine is too strong, toxic effects may kill the patient but if it is not strong enough, the virus may spread faster than the immune system can kill it. The quality of vaccine can be improved by incorporating immunomodulators or adjuvants with modified delivery vehicles. Adjuvant may also be included in vaccine to regulate the type of immune response generated. This can be important when developing vaccine for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), cancer, or mucosal immune system.

  • Adult Immunization Challenges
  • Diabetes Vaccines
  • Immune-Informatics in Vaccine Designs
  • Vaccines for Chronic Infections
  • Age Specific Immune Responses
  • Traveller Vaccinations
  • Infections in HIV Patients
  • Malaria Vaccines

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