Nurse Entrepreneur & Career Alternatives

Nurses are so multidimensional, flexible, creative, and organized that developing and operating a business is a natural fit for many. Nurses who have been in the work force for at least a few years can identify patient needs and understand how health care systems operate.  They often see the voids in the system which prevent patients from receiving appropriate care, or those black holes which can keep an operation from running smoothly.  Nurses also have many and varied professional contacts.  Combine all this with a creative idea to solve a problem or fit a particular niche, and you’ve got some valuable components to starting a small business.

You don’t have to stop working in a clinical care facility altogether even if you want to leave bedside care – there are many administrative and managerial positions that you can take up like Legal Nurse Consultant, Nursing Careers in Education, Forensic Nurse Consultant, Correctional Nurse etc.


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