Nutrition, Health and Wellness

Nutrition is the science that translates the interaction of nutrients and different substances in food relation to maintenance, growth, reproduction, wellbeing and ailment of an organism. It incorporates nourishment consumption, ingestion, absorption, biosynthesis, catabolism, and excretion.

In this segment you will discover broad research on the therapeutic role of diet, including assets for dietary rules and nourishment screening and assessment. We also cover requirements and suggestions for food safety, healthy eating, nutrients and hydration.

·         Clinical Nutrition

·         Public Health Research

·         Dietary Supplements & Functional Foods

·         Probiotics & Prebiotics

·         Human Nutrition & Dietetics

·         Nutrition & Metabolism

·         Nutritional Epidemiology & Malnutrition

·         Food Processing & Technology

·         Nutrition & Cardiovascular Health

·         Nutrition Education

·         Paediatric & Maternal Nutrition         

·         Diet & Appetite

·         Food & Nutrition Communications

·         Food & Nutritional Toxicology

·         Nutrition in Cancer Care

·         Nutrition, Health & Aging

·         Nutritional Therapy & Treatments


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