Nutrition Therapy In Eating Disorder

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is a holistic and therapeutic method for treating medical conditions and correlating symptoms. Medical Nutrition Therapy is established on the idea that several medical conditions progress or are made worse by an inadequate diet or insufficient nutrient intake. The components of MNT include; Intake assessment, Dietary modification, Patient education, Aftercare. Therapy also includes creating goals for the patient’s treatment and developing a focused nutrition prescription that entails patient education along with self-management training.  Initial nutrition therapy assessment sessions may occur over a period of 60-75 minutes. Medical Nutrition Therapy for several diseases and conditions with the intent of improving overall health and quality of life. The goal of MNT in the eating disorder treatment is to stabilize complicated medical conditions, normalize food intake, establish healthier and normal eating behaviors, and promote the founding for an improved relationship with food

  • Chronic/Severe dieting
  • Eliminating specific food items
  • Intake assessment
  • Dietary modification
  • Hunger and Fullness
  • Healthy exercise
  • Nutritional supplement assessment

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